Early in our marriage, we knew that God was calling us to a life of cross-cultural service. While it took a number of years to be realized, that once-vague calling became reality in 2009 when we spent 1.5 years living and working in Zambia and the entire Southern African region with Mennonite Central Committee. During our time in the rural community of Macha, Zambia, we grew to love the African culture and people. It was no surprise then that it took only a few months after returning to Canada in June 2010 that we started asking ourselves, “How can we get back to Zambia?” It quickly became apparent that God wasn’t finished using us in Zambia, or using Zambia in us!

So in January 2015, we are heading right back to Macha, where we will be working to support Macha International Christian School (MICS). Along with our long-time friends, the Percy family, we will provide administrative and operational support, as well as fundraising and communications for MICS.

Jamie’s professional background is in communications, broadcasting, design and administration. He has worked in the Canadian church and non-profit sector since 2003. Jamie will work together with Joel in fundraising and communications and will manage operational logistics. He will also work with Arja to oversee international volunteers.

Arja began working in the financial industry in 1998. She has extensive experience in finance and administration and will provide support in both of these areas to MICS.

Kanah and Talya will study in a self-directed format and hope to tutor younger children at MICS. Ranen will be a student at MICS.

While God has placed it on our hearts to offer ourselves fully in service to others in another cultural context, we also recognize that God uses the people and the cultures of Zambia to have a deep impact on our family. We look forward to sharing the beauty of our everyday lives in Zambia.


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