Life… 15 months in Macha… where do I start? So much has happened since we moved here over one year ago. Friends have come and gone, sports have started and stopped and school… well… there have been some ups and downs.

One of the main reasons I love it here is because of the people. I have been welcomed so openly and lovingly, especially by the children who board at MICS. Most of my afternoons are spent with them, playing soccer with Justina, doing homework with Luyando, Bupe, and Chabonwa, reading to Namakau, Tandiwe and Ziah or simply goofing around with any or all of them. I can’t imagine life without these friends, they make me feel welcome and like one of them, even though we come from completely different backgrounds. Slowly, they are teaching me Tonga, Zambian customs and how to cook Zambian food, all of which make me fall in love with this beautiful land even more.

School has been quite an adjustment, for all of us. I completed grade eight with fairly easy curriculum books and started grade nine about seven months ago with a new online high school. The registration process was quite complicated considering that I’m in Zambia and the school is based in Ontario. There were many emails to send, forms to fill out and documents to courier. After a lot of waiting, I was finally able to start my courses and I’ve been learning a lot. The only thing that got me through all the waiting and uncertainty has been God. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without having the promise of Him looking out for our every need. Thank you, Lord!

On the bright side, I have had the awesome opportunity to be involved with sports, not only at Push the Rock (a sports ministry run by Eric and Corie Thuma), but also with the boarders. The girls’ soccer team has practices every Wednesday and Saturday. During the rest of the week, we play either soccer or basketball everyday. Sometimes, to my delight, we have a soccer practice during the pouring rain, which turns into lots of slipping, sliding and mud! Together with running, training and lots of encouragement from friends and coaches, we have become the top girls team in Macha (out of 3).

Push the Rock Girls Soccer Team

Push the Rock Girls Soccer Team

Oh, I almost forgot the Bruce-Millers! The Bruce-Miller farm is a 10,000 acre farm between Macha and Choma (the nearest town). This is the same farm where I fell in love with horses when we lived here last time and now I am able to go every week or two to ride and learn incredible things about nature. Besides exercising horses and learning a lot about various animals, I’ve learned how to vaccinate chickens, bottle feed a baby duiker, train foals, dip cattle and hunt.

Amadeus, the Friesian stallion

All of this to say that, despite the challenges (and extreme heat!), I have much to be thankful for… God truly is so good.


5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Great to hear about your adventures Kanah! I’d love to hear more about the farm you visit. Do they have cattle? Gardens? You mentioned chickens? Are they free range or in a barn? I’m curious 😀


    • Their main business is selling bulls and calves. They have gardens but not commercial ones, it’s mainly for their own personal needs. Same with the chickens. They are free range but they are mainly just used for meat and/or eggs.


  2. HI sweetie!! It is so good to hear about your great days and how much you are enjoying life. We miss you all so much and think back so fondly on our time with you and the family in Canada. Everyone says HI!! We love you!!!


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