It appears the theme for the month of June is ‘5’…

Five years ago, we returned to Canada after living in Zambia for 1.5 years.

Five years ago, we announced that we were expecting another child, making us a family of five.

Five months ago, we returned to Zambia to live.

As we read through this list, we’re reminded of how quickly time moves. How much life can change in a relatively short amount of time. When we think about the future, five years seems like a long time, but when we reflect on the past five years, time seems to have flown by. There have been times of great joy and times of huge loss, but through it all, we have held onto the truth that God was walking with us. He has always been faithful.

And now, we’ve been back in Zambia for 5 months. Many people have asked how we’re adjusting to life here and our response has always been the same, “It feels like home!” There was no culture shock this time around. We were incredibly privileged to be able to return to the same community that captured our hearts years ago. And we have thoroughly enjoyed getting reacquainted with old friends and meeting new friends. That’s not to say that life is easy (is it ever?), but we are blessed to call Macha home.

Macha Dam

The Macha dam. A fun place for a picnic.

We don’t know where we will be five years from now, but we can say with certainty that God will be with us. And we pray that, wherever we are, it will be home.

“Home is anywhere You lead me. Home is where I want to be.” ~ Steve Bell

P.S. And in keeping with the ‘5’ theme, ZESCO (the nation’s power company), has just begun load shedding… so we will experience 5 hours without power each day, likely for the next 5 months…

2 thoughts on “Five

  1. What a beautiful “word picture” you paint, both of the Lord’s faithfulness and your own family’s. How I wish we could visit! I loved it! You need to write more posts; they are excellent!!
    I love you, Arja,
    Eileen (Jamie’s mom)
    PS. Ranen is going to be quite tall, don’t you think?


  2. Such a beautiful place, to be just where you are supposed to be.
    May the Good Lord keep his loving arms around you always.
    Margaret Hooke….


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