Moving Day


The view from our veranda.

This day has been a long time coming. After almost three months of living out of suitcases, we have moved to our home on the MICS campus! Monday morning, we loaded up our stuff and made the 2.5 km trek from the Macha Research Trust (MRT) campus over to MICS. While we’re extremely grateful to have been able to live at MRT for the past two months, we are thrilled to finally be in our permanent home. Yesterday, as we began to unpack some of our bags, you would have thought it was Christmas morning with all the excitement as long-lost treasures were discovered.

It’s been a while since we last posted and you may have been wondering what we’ve been up to. Our time has been filled with many days spent out at the school preparing for our family to move in. We have also been getting our feet wet as it relates to our new roles at MICS. To be completely honest, it has been a challenging time for our family as we went back and forth between campuses – trying to balance the work that needed to be done and meetings that needed to happen with family life, domestic tasks, homeschooling, etc. I kept track one day and we made six return trips in a 12 hour period – not to mention all that happened in between – what an exhausting day!

Lots of work to do!

All of this to say, we couldn’t be happier to finally be living at MICS! (We have some pretty great neighbours, too!) If you read our team’s latest newsletter, you will know that the students have now gone home for term break, which means it’s very quiet around here. We’re planning to use this time to begin settling in and making our house a home. Second term will be here before we know it.

I’m off to discover what I packed in all these bags three months ago…